The table is a place for BSA members to form community, share prayer requests, find opportunities to serve, share and give to others.  It’s a really convenient way for the whole community to be informed about needs, prayer requests and other happenings and is customizable to suit your personal needs (like blogs and a scripture memorization module). Click on the sign-in button above to discover more or go to BSA’s table project page.

The Table FAQ’s

Why should I participate in the Table?

In one location you will be able to connect with the people at BSA, put names to faces, pray for needs of people, explore ministry and group opportunities as well as find a place to serve. It allows us to “be the church” together in between Sundays.

How secure is The Table?

Every account is password protected and secured at every level by account-based permission checks. If the account attempting to access a piece of data doesn’t have permission to see that data, the request is simply rejected. Furthermore, these requests are made over an HTTPS connection, protected by the same kind of strong encryption that banks use on their websites. The Table also has a professional-grade firewall in place, and has been ”black box” audited by an online security testing tool called ZeroDayScan, and no vulnerabilities were found.

Why does the table ask for personal information like my phone number and address and age?
Think of the table as an online directory where we can find and connect with others at BSA like we used to with printed directories, only better! Including your phone number gives people an option for communicating with you beyond quicknotes on the table. Your address is used by the mapping software within the table although your exact house location is not revealed. The table asks for your age because federal law prohibits the sharing of email addresses for individuals under the age of 13. In addition The table has some adult-teen interaction restrictions built into it. Remember, through the privacy settings on the profile page you can control who has access to your information. Make public as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Read the table privacy statement.

Why does the table ask me for my cell phone carrier?
You can elect to have notifications and alerts from the table sent to you via text messages. That’s why the question on your cell phone carrier.

What if I’m not a fan of social media?
While social media fans can link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts through the table and customize their personal page with their favorite blogs and internet feeds, you don’t need to be experienced in social media to sign on to the table. We invite everyone to at least check it out and explore how it can be used to help them connect deeper within BSA and even help them grow spiritually. But if it’s not for you, we encourage you to take advantage of the many other ways there are to connect at BSA.

Why am I getting multiple invitations?
You may be connected to more than one group at BSA or be on more than one email list. We want to make sure that everyone gets an invitation!

Is the table a finished product?
No. This is a newly developed resource by a ministry group within the Twin Cities. New features are being added regularly and there may be a glitch or two yet to be ironed out, but the table is already being used by a number of churches in the area and a few around the nation.